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Guided Minnesota Goose Hunts

Guided Minnesota Goose HuntsMinnesota Goose Guide Service

Midwest Waterfowl Outfitters is a part of Premier Flight Guide Service based in Rochester, MN.  We are part of the spring snow goose operation and do run hunts through Premier Flight in Rochester in the fall, along with multiple other locations.  Premier Flight is Minnesota’s most successful goose guide service and runs most hunts out of Rochester where they dominate the area in quality of fields and hunter success each fall. Rochester has a long tradition as the spot to go in Minnesota to go on a guided goose hunt to harvest that Christmas goose and for good reason.  The goose guides are top notch often coming from all across the country each season, the fields and pits are in great locations on the edge of Rochester, and Rochester itself is a great town to bring the whole family for the weekend!


Hunts Midwest Waterfowl Outfitters offers in Minnesota each fall include:

  • Guided Early Season Goose Hunts – These hunts start as early as August and run through September till duck season opens and are a great way to get in the goose hunting spread before the main season.  The cost of the hunts is reasonable and the limits are VERY liberal with up to 10 geese per hunter allowed each day.  These hunts have us running smaller parties compared to the regular season since we will be hunting out of layout blinds and not our traditional pit blinds that we have in Rochester.
  • Regular Season Goose Hunts – The regular starts with the opening of duck season which is typically the nearest Saturday to October 1st.  The season continues till the close of duck season in late November each year.  On these guided goose hunts many of our fields also have duck traffic which we consider a bonus in the Rochester area.  Most of our guided goose hunts are run out of Rochester forGoose Hunting Guide Service this season out of pitted goose fields, no one comes close to the number of fields we have to offer and this gives us the ability to move around and not burn fields out.  All hunts end at noon during the regular season.
  • Late Season Goose Hunts – Well once the regular season wraps up it is time to get ready for the late season which runs as late as early January some seasons.  Some seasons it starts the day follow the close of the regular season, others there is a 10 day break with a 2nd opener in December.  Almost all of these hunts are done out of one of our heated pits in Rochester.  Just because the pits are heated does not mean you should not come prepared for the conditions as it can be a cold walk in to the trucks after the hunt.

Booking - To book a hunt please fill out the online form.

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Bag Limits – 3 Canada Geese and 6 Ducks will be allowed this year. 

Minnesota Goose Guides

Rates & Dates
Early Season 2014

Dates: September 6th - 22nd

Rates: Opening days, $150/half day.  Remainder of season $125/half day.

Note: A Special early season license is required to hunt this season.


Regular Goose Season

Dates: September 27th - 29th, October 11th - December 14th.

Rates: Mon-Thru $90/hunter, Fri-Sun $100/hunter

Note: These hunts end at noon, the option to hunt the afternoon is at the digression of the guide.


Late Goose Season 

Dates: December 15th – January 5th, 2015. 

Rates: $100/hunter

Note: These hunts end at noon, the option to hunt the afternoon is at the digression of the guide.

Spring Snow Geese - We also offer Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunts for the Spring Conservation Order. This season typically will start in late February and run until we wrap up with South Dakota Spring Goose Hunts in late April. We averaged just over 70 birds per spread this spring with an average of 5 hunters per day. Don't get this confused with some outfitters that say they average 70 birds per day, what they are not telling you is they are running 3 spreads with 20 guys total. We only run one spread per day so you're guaranteed to always have the hot field. We also try to move as much as possible to keep you on the hot field; we are willing to work to put you on the birds and won't just set in the same field for the entire season. The spring hunts are done from layout blinds gunning over large spreads of Full Bodies, Windsocks, and floaters. We also use the best possible electronic goose calls available with a typical spread having 4-8 speakers running on MP3 players…..bring your earplugs because it is loud!!!! Our spring hunts are all day hunts unless our daily limit is reached. Limits are 20 birds per day in South Dakota and Arkansas and Missouri has no limit so we shoot till we run out of shells. We are coming off a great season and hopefully you can come with us and enjoy spring migration in full effect!  Since we do run all day and the days are usually 14 hours in the field we do take two-hour break midday to run into the nearest town to grab a bite to eat and stretch our legs.

Discounts - We do offer discounts for larger parties; please contact me and we can figure something out.