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The Snow Persuader - MP3 Electronic Snow Goose Caller - E-Caller


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Guide Tested - Goose Approved! - The Snow Persuader e-caller is a top of the line e-caller that has been field tested and fine tuned over the past 5 years. The Snow Persuader comes in a top of the line dry box, powerful amps, mp3 players, best horn speakers available. Midwest Waterfowl Outfitters ONLY uses the best quality components out there. There is a 2 speaker and a 4 speaker model available for purchase.

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About "The Snow Persuader" Electronic Goose Caller / E-Caller

E-Caller History

The Snow Persuader is the result of myself building about a dozen e-callers over the past 5 years since there was not any available for sale that met the requirements I desired. I started with a basic CD player electronic caller built inside of a cheap toolbox, which ended up leaking and ruining my first e-caller. I used two small 5"x8" speakers for my first system which at the time I thought was the best option available, boy was I wrong. After ruining more copies of CD's then I care to remember and having CD players get dirty I figured there had to be a better solution and there was.

Starting 3 years ago I started building my first MP3 powered e-callers. I started with the same basic set-up with the amplifier housed in a cheap toolbox and used small 5"x8" speakers. This set-up worked fine but I was not getting the volume and sound quality I desired. I started shopping for different MP3 players and different speakers and after some trial and error found the components I use today to build all my e-caller systems.

The road to "The Snow Persuader" - Problems Solved

The e-caller I am currently building is the result of lots of hard work and banging my head on the desk when trying to figure out how to make the best electronic snow goose call. The current model has solved all my problems that I faced in the past.

  1. Keeping the e-caller dry - My solution to this was replacing the toolboxes I had used in the past with the MTM's Sportsmen's Plus Utility Dry Box. This great little box houses all the components of the electronic MP3 snow goose call. Electronics are very delicate items that can be damaged by moisture, I found these boxes to be the best option to protect your investment when your out in the mud chasing them Snows and Blues.
  2. Having enough power - I had problems in the past getting enough power to really crank up the volume on my MP3 snow goose callers. The answer was switching to high power amplifiers used for automotive audio systems. I offer two and four channel amplifiers depending on how many speakers you run.
  3. Quality of sound from the speakers - After using the smaller horn type speakers in the past I got lucky a few years back and stumbled onto the big boys. I offer two different versions of speakers, both are 6.5"x11" horn speakers. The 40watt version has great sound and gets very loud, the 100watt speaker simply is to dang loud and has the best sound quality I have found to date out of any weather resistant horn speaker. Both are great choices, but if you can afford the 100watt speakers by all means go for it. This is my personal choice and I always make sure to have two of them near my blind for finishing the birds.
  4. Lose of power on long runs of speaker wire - I had always used 18ga cheap speaker wire in the past, last season I tried out some 16ga speaker wire and it seemed to get more power to the speakers. All of our e-callers come with 16ga speaker wire. I don't know if it makes that much of a difference, but I personally want to offer the best dang electronic goose caller made and I have decided to go with this option.
  5. Trying to hook speaker wire up in the dark - I had in the past simply attached my speaker wire directly to the CD player or Amplifier on my e-callers. Well this is a pain in the butt in the dark so all my players come with simple plugs that plug into the front of the ecaller. Each speaker has just one plug and they are big so you can grab them with gloves on…..we all know it can get cold snow goose hunting in the spring.
  6. Lugging around the e-caller and battery - I had in the past kept these two items separate since I did not have a toolbox big enough to house both. With the MTM dry box I can fit both the electronic call components and a small deep cycle battery in the same box. The e-caller comes with simple alligator clips, which makes hooking up the battery easy. With the 2-channel system I typically get 3 days of use out of a small deep cycle battery. With the 4-channel system I usually go through one per day depending on the temp outside. There is also enough power wire to hook up a large deep cycle battery outside of the box, when I use this option I usually get 3 days use from my 4-channel system.
  7. Batteries not lasting - I never in the past unhooked my ecaller when not using it since it was a pain to unhook/rehook the battery every time. My fix for this was incorporating a simple rocker switch that lights up when there is power to the electronic snow goose caller. When you want to shut the system off in between flocks of snows just hit the switch. I find this a valuable tool to get more life out of my battery.
  8. Not being able to control the volume easily on the e-caller - Some units are hard to adjust the volume when a flock is working you. I fixed this problem by allowing enough cable to extend the MP3 player into the blind, or the option to add an inline volume control so the MP3 player can stay safe in the dry box.
  9. Not getting enough volume out of the MP3 player - All MP3 players are not created equal, I have tried 8-10 different ones in the past to find one that had the highest volume output so I could get the desired sound quality out of my snow goose e-caller.

In the Field

When I am out chasing snows and blues the location of my electronic goose call is relative to the conditions in the field. This is what has worked great for me; by no means it is the only way to set-up, experiment with different set-ups and you might be rewarded with a better way to do it.

Field Setups

  • Windy Days - On windy days I usually set up with my blinds on the downwind side of my spread, usually I will hide the blind right on the edge with maybe 5-10 yards of snow goose decoys between me and the edge. If I am only using one e-caller I will set it up with the blinds with the speakers split up with two in front of me and two behind me. The geese do come to the sound; I have seen it happen so often I am convinced you want your speakers where you want the geese to land. If I am lucky enough to be running two electronic snow calls I will usually set up my main unit with the blinds and have the other unit at the upwind side of the spread running at a lower volume.
  • Normal Wind Days - If I can I usually will decide to set up on the upwind side of my snow goose spread. Snows are greedy birds and they want to get to the fresh field that has not been fed yet in my opinion. Once again, this is something that differs each day and depends on the lay of the land. Every day is different but I will usually set up so I can sit on the upwind side of my spread. When setting up in this situation I will have my main ecaller with two speakers 10-15 feet in front of my blinds, if I have a 4 speaker e-caller I will run two speakers right in front of me and the other two split off to each side of the snow goose spread. If I am lucky enough to be hunting with two callers I will put the 2nd e-caller downwind of my blinds on the other side of the snow spread. I will not have the volume on this unit cranked up since I want the birds to key in on the main unit near the blinds.
  • Fog - If your every lucky enough to get a fog day while hunting snows and blues make sure you have a full case of shells with you….these days are few, but the end results can be amazing. Honestly in this situation I would only use one e-caller so not to confuse the geese where they want to go.


  • The battery on the MP3 player should be changed daily, to be safe I change mine every morning and then again after lunch. It is not worth losing a monster tornado of snows because your electronic caller shut off when they where hovering at 100 yards…..change that battery!!!!
  • Main e-caller battery - as a rule of thumb a small deep cycle battery will run a two speaker unit for 3 days if you make sure to turn off the caller when your not using it. The 4 speaker units will burn through a small battery in 1-1.5 days. I personally if I can drive into the field run mine on a large deep cycle or I make sure to have a fresh small deep cycle each day……once again you don't want to have the a flock working in when the battery on the e-caller decides it has had enough and it's a ½ miles walk to the truck to get another one.
  • Saving battery juice - When there are no geese in sight or your breaking to pick up your geese I recommend you turn off the power to the electronic call. This can be done by either disconnecting the battery or by going with the optional power switch that is offered on all Snow Persuader e-caller systems. When I go on the road I usually plan on getting 3 days out of my main battery, the only way I can do this is by babying it and turning off the e-caller when not in use.

Hiding your Snow Persuader electronic caller

  • The unit itself is easiest hid under a shell decoy, I always have a few dozen shells in my spread to stash gear under and this works great for hiding your Snow Persuader too. I will usually be hunting a cornfield in the spring and can also add extra camo to the unit by piling up corn stubble around and on top of the unit.
  • Speakers - I leave my speakers off stands so they can stay low to the ground so they can easily be camouflaged by stubble in the field. My lower volume downwind speakers I will often hide under a snow windsock, this might be excessive but what the heck. The speakers are white or gray which is the same color as your snow and blue decoys so I don't think they make much of a difference in the field.
  • Speaker wire - I have never thought it was an issue to have speaker wire running on top of the ground uncovered. It is up to you if you want to cover the wire, it just makes pick-up harder since the stubble will get wrapped up in the wire. I do think it is important to make sure the wire is laying flat on the ground, not for the geese but for you…..nothing worse then tripping on the wire while chasing a wounded snow goose and doing a digger into the corn stubble.
  • Placement of your snow goose caller - I usually have my unit right next to my blind or behind my backrest inside the blind if I have room. This allows me to control the unit when I need to and so I can unhook the unit when not in use without getting out of my blind.

Tips to using you're "The Snow Persuader" electronic snow calling system

  • Using your Snow Persuader e-caller system in the field is really no different then hunting other geese. I have included a few tips that have worked for me in the past, by no means the "law", but things that work for me.
  • Treat snows and blues just like you would a Canada goose, the farther away they are the louder you can call at them, once they start to get closer the more you want to turn the volume down.
  • Not every day is the same, some days you have to turn down the volume to the e-caller to finish birds, other days you can have in blaring wide open right up until you call the shot.
  • The snow goose comeback call - I have had success using what I consider the e-caller comeback call for flocks of geese we have lost or just shot into. Once I lose the flock or after we shoot into a flock I will crank up the unit very loud and give the "comeback" call… won't always work, but seems to work a lot of the time. This is way it is important to be able to control your volume level on the e-caller from your blind with the addition of an optional volume control.
  • Calling the shot - I found last year that instead of screaming "KILL THEM" or whatever you use in the field to just shutting off the volume to the e-caller via the remote volume control. This makes it easy for members of your party that might be farther away from you to know when its go time.

Warranty and Returns


  • Shipping - I recommend you purchase the insurance available from UPS, accidents can happen while in transit and we cannot be held responsible for accidents that happen once the package is in possession of UPS.
  • Overall unit - I will personally test each unit before it leaves my shop, if you have issues once you receive your unit odds are I can walk you though resolving it without shipping it back. Since it is an electronic unit that is being used to chase waterfowl components can be damaged and I cannot be held responsible for misuse. I will however fix your unit if damaged for the cost of the replacement parts; shipping of the unit will be responsibility of the owner of the unit. There is not much that can go wrong with an e-caller; I have had hardly any problems in the past with components breaking. Biggest threat to the e-caller is moisture.
  • Amplifiers - The amplifiers I am using have a two-year limit warranty from the manufacturer, I will include all warranty information with your unit when I ship it. They will not cover moisture damage or accidental damage. All warranty on amplifiers should be resolved with the maker of the amplifier.
  • MP3 Player - If you opt to purchase my recommended unit, which is a used unit I will personally warranty it for 30 days from shipment, this does not include damage or water damage to the unit. I will be fair on this, but will only cover it if the unit fails on its own.
  • New MP3 Player - These units will carry a limited warranty just like the amplifier, all warranty issues with these should be taken care of with the maker of the unit.
  • Speakers - The speakers do not have any kind of warranty on them, they are all tested prior to shipment. These are weather resistant but are not waterproof; these can be damaged if filled with water. The can also be blown out if you over power them, I will pre-set the amplifier before I ship the unit at a safe level for the speakers. If you choose to adjust it after you receive the unit that is up to you. I will not cover blown speakers and there is no manufacturer warranty on them.
  • All other components - Just like anything stuff wears out with use, a wire might come disconnected or a speaker or a screw might come out. I should be able to trouble shoot any issues with you over the phone. Like mentioned before all units are tested and are in working order when they leave my shop. I will gladly work on any unit if you cover shipping and the actual cost of any replacement parts, I have no interest in benefiting from warranty work on the units.


  • Since all units are custom built all sales are final. I am more then willing to and actually desire to talk with you on the phone before you place your order to make sure you know exactly what your ordering and what your needs are.