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South Dakota Spring Snow Goose Hunting

Midwest Waterfowl Outfitters offers guided spring snow goose hunts in South Dakota.Spring Goose Hunting

South Dakota Snow Goose Hunts

Groups of 6 or more are gauranteed their own field, otherwise groups will be mixed to reach 6-8 hunters per field.

The next stop on the spring snow goose migration is South Dakota. This is where I spend most of my time spring since South Dakota is where most of the snow geese get funneled down to a very narrow area on their migration to the north to the breeding grounds. This is where all the geese from the Rainwater Basin and also the geese from Missouri converge to put on a real show in the spring, there is just so many geese.

My guides know the entire state and know where to find the birds in the spring, we will spend endless hours behind the wheel in search of the perfect field in the spring. I can promise you our snow goose guides know where to find the geese and are willing to move the snow spread every day if need be to find the best hunt.

Guides - I work with a local snow goose guide that has hunted all over South Dakota his entire life and knows where the geese will be staging and where to find them. Once again just like with Missouri the later in the season the better the hunts.

Our last 3 day weekend last year in South Dakota we where covered up with geese that had been pushed back south by a huge storm. I had planned on being in Northern North Dakota but since I had a local guide calling me to tell me ALL the geese had left Canada and ND I knew exactly where to be in South Dakota. It was simply amazing, over a 10 miles stretch of road I probably spotted 8 flocks that totaled 500,000 birds and not a sole hunting them.

The main snow goose migration can be very good and is something a hunter should see at least once in their life, it is amazing to see up to a million birds lift off Sand Lake NWR and head out to the surrounding corn fields to feed. We also offer late season hunts after most guides have packed it in for the season, these hunts are targeting very small(1,000 to 10,000) flocks of birds that are tucked away in hard to find spots.

Our spring snow guides know where these birds are and have access to all the local fields. Just like in Missouri when the birds are gone the birds are gone, I will only book these hunts with groups that are willing to have their hunt canceled if the birds move out of South Dakota. I will not drag you hundreds of miles from home for a Maybe... I want EVERY hunt to potentially be the BEST snow goose hunt you have ever been on. I want to be your snow goose guide in the for life and the only way to do that for me is to be honest and upfront with you. I highly recommend these late season hunts, we closed out our season last year with a 120 bird shoot for our last hunt of the season.

The key to spring snow goose hunts is a good guide. One that is willing to put in the windshield time and hard work in the field to move the snow goose spread daily if needed. We do also offer pond hunts with use of floating snow goose decoys on migration days.

I have hunted South Dakota for Snow Geese in the spring for the past 6 seasons and have gotten to know the land so well I am confident I will know where the geese will be.

More Info & Booking - Read more about our equipment, scouting, a typical day in the field, lodging, rates, guides, and what to bring at our spring snow goose hunting page.

Hunting Dates - I will start hunting in South Dakota as soon as the geese arrive; this is typically around the first of March.

Hunting License - License information can be found at: South Dakota Fish & Game

License Cost - $45

SD License Site -

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